1. Yes, luckily I have figured it out! :) I removed my mods folder to confirm that the issue is caused by a mod and then I investigated which one is causing this. It turned out that my ‘townie generation reduction’ mod has not been updated for the latest ‘ghosts’ patch. I have downloaded the updated version of this mod, as I need this mod to play, I hate automatically generated townies, and now the game works fine :)

    Thank you for the interest :))

  2. I’ve had no idea that you can go to a map view by pressing ‘M’ key xD

    So I did that and it went to a map view, I chose the destination and it gets stuck at the loading screen… The loading plumbob is cirelling and circelling and I need to force to close the game… I literally want to cry right now… Will this game ever work for me?


  3. Well.. my sims in ts4 cannot travel all of the sudden… When I click on the phone and choose ‘travel’, the interaction just disappears..

    Did anyone encountered such a glitch and knows how to fix this?

    Please help.. :(


  4. I have just tried to add a page to my blog and I ended up deleting my ‘Stories’ page which contained a lot of my effort, sorting it out into chapters ;(

    Is there any way to restore the page back to my blog, cause I am having a meltdown here ;( I did not delete it, yet it disappeared ;(

    I hate it that managing tumlbr blog/theme is so fucking hard ;/

    Is there any way to restore deleted tumblr blog page? :(

  5. Alexander: ..but actually I was the one who spoke with Malcolm, she was just sitting there.. He promised to be my new friend and he will come over to listen to me play the piano..

    Mortimer: Oh.. you better prepare yourself for tomorrow’s lesson then, Son.

  6. Mortimer: So how was at the park today, huh?

    Cassandra: Hmm, I am sensing Mom already told you..

    Alexander: ..and what did you expect, Cassandra, that she wouldn’t tell Dad?

  7. Bella: Cassandra told me today that she has met this Landgraab kid, Malcolm.. I am worried, she wouldn’t have mentioned it if it had of been nothing..

    Mortimer: Hmmm.. I don’t like the sound of it either..

  8. Cassandra: I have met Malcolm Landgraab at the park today.. you know, son of those filthy rich Landgraab’s from Oasis Springs..

    Bella: Landgraab? His mother had like a dozen of plastic surgeries and I am not sure if he is a good news..

  9. Alexander: ..and there is a huge piano in our house and I am taking private piano lessons. Soon I will play good enough to invite all my friends over to listen to me play.. Will you be my friend, will you come, Malcolm?

    Malcolm: Sure, sure kiddo.. as long as your sister will be there.

    Cassandra: *blush*

  10. With Alexander’s blabbering in the background, Malcolm found the time to take a closer look at Cassandra.
    Cassandra is thrilled with Malcolm’s attention, he is one of the cool kids at school. She isn’t impressed by his family’s money like the others, as her own family belongs to the richest in the neighbourhood as well.