1. Gabrielle: I won!

    Shireen: What?!

  2. Gabrielle: *Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea..*

  4. Gabrielle managed to talk her daughter into pie eating contest.

    She is smirking, content of herself :)

  5. My new TS4 version of Shireen rocking the first Anubis’ CC dress and CC make up with eyelashes! :D

    And the game isn’t even out yet xD

  6. She’s warming up to the idea :)

    She’s torn between being a snob and a country girl.

  7. omg omg omg, thank you!! :D

    It’s an honour to ‘hear’ that from the Master xD

  8. Shireen: *Why did Mom have to choose this place for our hang out, like we are peasants or something.. Ugh, I shouldn’t have agreed to this.*

  9. 1. Well, I won’t miss CAP, it required too much effort and I’m lazy and impatient. I like to actually play the game the most ;) I definitely will get original copy of TS4 and I am very happy it’s coming out, even though there are a lot of imperfections.

    2. Indeed, so far I cannot see much of a control.. Maybe I just don’t know how to do it, but I am unable to do much customization - I am pulling and dragging and either nothing happens or something completely different than I want happens..

    3. Exactly, I was so excited but then I played around a couple of minutes and got bored xD 

    + the library thing is annoying as well, I have no idea how to add people to my friends. Also, I have edited a sim made by another simmer to create Shireen and now I am unable to save her as my Sim ;/ Now I think I will have to work on her from the beginning ;(

    4. I did that and it worked, thank you very much! :))

    5. I have tried everything: detail mode, overall mode, I rotated the face.. but I will attempt to re-create her from the beginning later. As for the eyelashes I have just used them as an eyeliner, as they don’t look like eyelashes but eyeliner, but I will follow your advice at the next attempt, thank you ;)

  10. That makes 4 of us, along with simminglystrange :D

    Annoyed by TS4 CAS demo unite! ;P

    I hope it will grow on me though :D