1. Yes, I realize that, but I’ve already tried that.. It’s really weird as I deleted Sims 3 folder, removed Dragon Valley.world file, yet still the game is loading messed up Dragon Valley, even though there should be no trace of it.. Seems like my game hates me :P Thank you for advice! <3

  2. I didn’t realize that it is possible to only reinstall base game! It would be awesome if it worked! I’ll try to do that when I come back from work, I hope it’ll help :) Thank you very much for that advise! :D I don’t want to get too hopeful though, it’s the sims 3 we’re talking about xD Virtual hugs for you <3 :))

  3. Well, I think I’ve tried everything besides reinstalling the whole game.. I think that the reason of this is that I’ve installed Dragon Valley as package and put the world package file to installed worlds.. seems like it corrupts the game.. but I don’t know when will I have the time and patience to reinstall again.. Thank you for support, I needed to rant! <3

  4. Well, this is the weirdest glitch ever.. When I tried to load my Moonlight Falls save after a minute it went to ‘The Sims 3 stopped working’. I removed all saves and Cache files and tired to load a new Starlight Shores save and this is what I see.. :O Really corrupted Dragon Valley map with several Starlight Shores buildings..

    ..and I really wanted to play :(( Seems like I might have a hiatus as it seems like I’ll have to reinstall the whole game again.. ;/

  5. Yeah, definitely got the atmosphere :) Can’t wait to see it when autumn will come :)

  6. Lord Castellan: I wish Lady Helen would be the Queen already, just be it, anything so we could finally be together, Gretchel..

    Gretchel: It’s not that easy, Lord Castellan. You will still remain a high born and I will still be just a wench..

  8. Jessica: I’m fed up with being forced to live in some crappy villages like Moonlight Falls and this damned Dragon Valley. Once we escape from here we’re moving to a place where I’d actually want to live.


    Diamond: …but Mom, what about Moonlight Falls’ Scouts?!

  9. Helen: I mean Dean is still a child, but Tysha, Xavier and Diamond are about to become teenagers and they need education. For the time being we need to send them to Dragon Valley school.


    Dean: I’m not a kid anymore, I can go to Dragon Valley school too!

  10. Helen: But where’s Denver, Bim?

    Bimble: We’ve left him behind in Moonlight Falls..


    Helen: Well, maybe that’s even better for him, I don’t know how much time we will have to spend in here until we figure out how to get back, and I’m not sure what kind of education Dragon Valley has to offer..