1. Helen: I mean Dean is still a child, but Tysha, Xavier and Diamond are about to become teenagers and they need education. For the time being we need to send them to Dragon Valley school.


    Dean: I’m not a kid anymore, I can go to Dragon Valley school too!

  2. Helen: But where’s Denver, Bim?

    Bimble: We’ve left him behind in Moonlight Falls..


    Helen: Well, maybe that’s even better for him, I don’t know how much time we will have to spend in here until we figure out how to get back, and I’m not sure what kind of education Dragon Valley has to offer..

  3. Helen: Guys! I’m at the same time so happy and so worried to see you here!


    Bimble: Greenwoods to the rescue!

    Jessica: I’d like to see you do it. 

  5. Helen and Black Priestess was heading back to the Castle when the sun started to set.


    Black Priestess: …I hope you understand now why you need to take the crown and sit on the Throne… 

  6. Dragon Valley’s stony bridges..

  7. Yeah, EA did an exceptionally good job with this one, all Dragon Valley outfits are great :)

  8. Bimble: I think we need to get to the bridge and cross that river.

    (This outfit rocks xD)

  9. Meanwhile Greenwoods and Maloneys are trying to find the way to the Castle..

    Jessica: I could have sworn the Castle was that way.. but this building wasn’t here.