1. Meanwhile in Moonlight Falls.. autumn continues to be rainy :)

  2. Tysha: Go away, be lovey-dovey somewhere else, aunt Jessica and uncle Desmond, I want to practice archery with an invisible bow!

  3. Dean: Huehue, nobody calls me a kid and get away with it!

  4. Tysha: No matter if a kid or a teen, seems like he will remain a coward for the rest of his life..

  5. Xavier: *imagining horrible things with wolves involvement*


    Xavier: Mom, I think it’s time to get back to the castle!


  6. I wish I’d be able to finish what I have planned for my TS3 sims until TS4 will come out, beacuse I think I will completely loose interest in TS3 then.. But I don’t think I will be able to, because I’ll be on holiday the first half of august and then there’s work.. Well, we’ll see..

    I’m just in a rant-y mood as I’m spending a lazy saturday alone at home :D

  7. Dean: Au-au-auuuuu!

    Xavier: OMG, what was that?! Was that a wolf?!

  8. Xavier: How does it feel to be the only kid around Dean?

    Dean: *grumble* I’m not a kid..

  9. Cutie <3

  10. Thank you for advice, I have just checked AllAboutStyle but there is no Teen Male category at all.. or at least I cannot see it? :(