1. Thank you! ^^

  2. Shireen: I’m good, what’s your problem Vanessa?

    Vanessa: I can’t even..

    Gabrielle: What are you doing Shireen?

  3. Shireen: I bet his thrilled to have little fairy babies, with cute little fairy wings..

    Vanessa: What is your problem Shireen?!

  4. Shireen: Hey Vanessa, how’s your relationship with Zack going, did he realize how big of a mistake he’s made?

    Vanessa: Excuse me?!

  5. It started to rain, so Lily’s birthday party needed to be moved inside..

  6. I was tagged by serenasims <3 


    • Take a screenshot of your desktop
    • Don’t change anything
    • Don’t delete anything
    • Tag 5 people

    Now that I have my new Canon camera there are photos that I did take myself switching on my background :) It is interesting to see other peoples desktops! :)

    I didn’t see paperfriendd roseoftheoakmoonsims jennifersimsblog floralsimfornalina desktops!

  7. Young adult Lily :)

  8. Where I left out 2 weeks ago.. Lily’s birthday :)

  9. lifeofsimming The game works fine now fortunately, although it lags just as much as TS3 does.. I hope I’ll be able to buy a new computer as soon as possible! ;)

    mspoodle1 To have to call support to install an original game, even though I work as an IT support, I’d yell at them, I mean I can’t even!

    The game is not bad, I didn’t have a chance to play more than hour yet and I am just playing pre-made families to get to ‘know’ the environment before I move my TS3 sims in there :) First I need to finish what I have planned for them in TS3 as I did not explore University and Isla Paradiso at all ;)

  10. Thank you for your reply <3 Well, at the third attempt the game installed properly.. but EA just took it to another level to have tons of issues with just installing the game.. This is the second day I’ve struggled to install it.. Now I am not enjoying the gameplay this much, sims that I have created in the demo are not in the gallery - riddiculous! I forgot to copy the ‘Tray’ file content but I am afraid to turn the game off because I may not be able to go back… My first experiences are traumatic.