1. Xavi’s birthday.


  2. TS4 rant

    Since my job is consuming most of my time I’m not up to date with everything that is happening within Simblr community. 

    Right now I’m watching new TS4 gameplay video, the one where a bald guy and the geek are trying to be funny in the background, and everybody are talking only about TS4 CAS, but I haven’t seen any opinion about the neighbourhood..

    I mean TS4 neighborhood look so soul-less and generic.. There is no grass but just a green color, the trees are horrible.. Why would they do it like that? It’s like they did a great CAS and did not have time left to think about neighbourhood so they did just whatever generic thing..

    What do you think, y’all?

  3. Some entertainment until the birthday boy will arrive.

    Invisible bow.. I’ll miss those glitchy glitches when TS4 will come out.. or not..

  4. Tysha: My brother is fashionably late for his birthday party, I should have thought about that too..

  5. Tysha: Daddy why the trees weren’t golden on my birthday??

  6. Biking to his birthday party :)

  8. Golden trees :)

  10. First day of fall in Dragon Valley.